Corrective Blendshapes

Moving a rigged, skinned mesh into a specific pose may cause undesired or unexpected mesh deformations. A solution would be to correct vertex positions by moving them to the desired location, thus creating a blendshape target that could be applied to the mesh for correcting undesired mesh deformations (a so-called corrective blendshape). However this is normally almost impossible to achieve interactively, because transformations of vertices of a skinned mesh in Maya are done in the bone's local coordinate system so that vertices do not move as expected.

With the Facial Animation Toolset's CBS Manager it is possible to create corrective blendshape targets by interactively moving vertex positions of a rigged, skinned mesh, and have these corrective blendshapes triggered (driven) by a specific joint (driver).

Download the Facial Animation Toolset 2016

Facial Animation Toolset 2016