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EmoCow, the emotion control wheel is an alternative input device for facial animation.

The video demonstrates the rapid prototype capability of the Frapper framework. EmoCoW is a compact tool, written in Qt / C++ and was implemented into a simple Frapper-Node to make use of the build-in sophisticated facial-animation abilities of the application framework.

Siggraph ASIA 2010 Technical Sketch:
EmoCoW - An Interface for Real-Time Facial Animation PDF(1.4MB)


Realtime Shading of Human Eyes
This Video demonstrates a complex realtime Eye-Shader developed for the Frapper Agent Framework. The lighting considers physical effects like multiple refractions and subsurface scattering. For example the color of the iris is calculated based upon the pigmentation. Furthermore a shader-based tear-simulation is presented.


Realtime character animation in dynamic environments
The video clip demonstrates the real-time animation possibilities of the Frapper framework. The stairs are created randomly during runtime. A state-machine controlles the character so that the animation automatically adapts to this change of the environment.