Frapper, the Filmakademie Application Framework, features a node-based scene model with plugins for node types, a model-view-controller architecture, a panel-oriented user interface similar to commercial 3D packages, and a viewport using the Ogre 3D render engine. Frapper enables developers to focus on the core functionality of their application and research by providing a foundation of basic functionality.

Frapper features:
• Node-based application framework focused on 3D animation
• Real-time capabilities designed for interactive and offline rendering
• Based on Qt and Ogre3D
• Platform independent
• Open source, released under LGPL 2.1
• Assets released under the creative commons license
• Almost any functionality can be added through plugin architecture
• Node plugins add functionality in a modular way
• Customizable panel and widget plugins
• Extensible compositing and shading framework
• Variety of exisitng nodes (Facial Animation, NPR, SSAO...)
• Pipeline cooperates with common DCC tools through Ogre Exporters

Current Frapper projects in development:

Alternative Performance Capture, full body and facial capturing using depth sensors
Frapper VP provides tools that aid the Virtual Production workflow
StereoBottic is an unique co-op game specifically designed for autostereoscopic displays
Emote is a cloud based animated messaging service for mobile devices
• The Agent Framework, a platform for character-centric application prototypes beyond film and video games
Performance Solver, allows the analysis of complex motion capture data to drive parameterized facial animation systems
SPLAT!, a dedicated real-time rendering environment with a emphasis on Non-photorealistic Rendering (NPR)

You can access the Frapper code and assets via Source Forge.