The Research and Development Group at the Institute of Animation is a multidisciplinary team, which main focus is the creation of innovative tools and technologies for entertainment productions.

In the field of Virtual Production the group is currently part of the EU project Dreamspace that will research and develop tools to combine live performances, video and computer-generated imagery in real time.

Virtual Characters, Animation and Psychology are combined in SARA, a DFG funded project that investigates how individuals with Autism perceive computer-generated facial expressions with different levels of abstraction.

The collaborative research project on Stereoscopic Post Production Tools is a broad-based project in which VFX companies are involved alongside camera rig and display manufacturers. The main focus of the project is the research and development of innovative tools to process stereoscopic contents in post production

The Muses of Poetry is an interactive installation that explores how interactive animated characters can transmit the intrinsic emotions conveyed in poems to an audience, expanding in this way the act of reciting poetry. It goes a step forward in the computational creativity direction by bringing into existence a Virtual Poetry Interpreter.

In an ongoing collaboration project with LANG-FILM the R&D team is developing and evaluating techniques to transfer the heritage of the hand drawn animation sequences Äffle & Pferdle into modern production pipelines.

EU funded project Dreamspace