Dark Matter

Dark Matter is a 3-minute branded-entertainment virtual production graduation shortfilm that combines digital camera footage with real-time renderings by Crytek's Cinebox - live on set and in the final film.

On the one hand, this production is a student commercial by Filmakademie's advertisement department, on the other hand a Virtual Production and Visual Effects Research & Development project by the Institute of Animation, Visual Effects and digital Postproduction.

The main goal was to use real-time graphics and camera tracking during the shooting and combine them instantly into a HD video stream. The game engine was the main and single tool for lighting and rendering of the short-film.

Dark Matter will be presented at the Siggraph 2014 Talks - Show and Tell.
Download Siggraph Talk PDF

Dark Matter Credits: Martin Backhaus, Martin Grözinger, Yafes Sahin, Hendryk Witscherkowsky.