One of the tasks of the R&D group at the Filmakademie was the creation (and adaptation) of the characters to be used in the psychological computer-based tests. To the already existing ones (Nikita - a young female, and Hank - an elderly male), their counterparts were added (Gunnar- a young male character, and Sara - an elderly female character). All characters' rigs have been created using the Facial Animation Toolset (FAT).

In order to harmonize the visual appearance of the four characters, an artist was in charged of creating light conditions and adapting the existing shaders for all the characters. All this was carried out in our development software Frapper, which was enhanced to support the new shading and lighting functionalities.

New characters appearance (from left to right): Nikita, Gunnar, Hank, Sara.

Thanks to our supporting team: Kai Götz (creator of Sara), Solveigh Jäger (creator of Gunnar), Steven Stahlberg (creator of the original Nikita), Leszek Plichta (visual harmonization of the characters), Markus Rapp (real-time hair generation), Simon Spielmann (lead software developer Frapper) and Nils Zweiling (external software developer Frapper).

The characters are distributed as part of our Frapper software deploy under the Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.